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Apex Legends
If you have been on the hunt for a shooting game that rises above the rest, you have come to the right place. Apex Legends is a fantastic shooting game that lets you level up and gain power as you play. Place yourself in a breathtaking environment as you put your skill to the test, and you will find hours of enjoyment.

Defeating enemies and winning matches let you earn tokens and points you can use to unlock extras that make you even more powerful. If you would like to stay ahead of the pack, use one of our gift cards to buy skins and characters, allowing you to level up without the wait. No matter if you own an Xbox, PlayStation or desktop computer, you can access the world of Apex Legends and experience the thrill for yourself. We did not even mention the best part; Apex Legends is free.

Character Selection

When you get ready to start a match, you choose from one of the many characters. If you are a new player and want to see what character is right for you, give them all a try. Each one comes with a unique set of skills, strengths and weaknesses. The developers work hard to offer balanced gameplay elements that allow fair, challenging battles. Will you choose powerful and slow or fast and witty? Your entire gaming experience revolves around the abilities of the character you pick, so choose wisely.

Pick Your Squad

This game was not built for lone wolves, so you will connect with two other players to form your squad. Keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind when selecting your character and team because the decisions you make impact your odds of victory.

For the best results possible, pick team members who compensate for your weaknesses and compliment your strengths, and you will go far. Once the game starts, don't let your emotions get the best of you. The only way to win against trained fighters is keeping your head and using a tactical approach. With a combination of skill, timing and luck, you might come out on top and earn valuable rewards.

Push Your Squad to the Limit

While you might come across a few small battles, the real action begins when you face an all-out-war with 60 other combatants. Do you have what it takes to lead your squad to victory, or will you become another statistic? Once you get a feel for the characters, play the one you like long enough to learn the character's moves and talents, and that is the key to reaching the next level of gameplay. Get the most from each match with the gift cards we sell around the globe, and they will arrive in your inbox before you know it. Your battle starts soon, so don't leave your team hanging.

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