Final Fantasy 7 Remake Will be a Three Part Episodic Game

For some reason, millions of gamers cannot let go of 'Final Fantasy 7.' Was the story really that amazing? Were the graphics for the time really that awesome? Did the game really leave a lasting mark on our souls forever? The answer to all of those questions is a definite yes.

When I heard that 'Final Fantasy 7' was finally going to be remade, I was immediately elated. I couldn't believe that one of my favorite games was going to be remade with the graphical capabilities of today's consoles. The news almost made me shed a tear of joy.

If I were to make a top ten list of the greatest video games that I have ever played in my life, 'Final Fantasy 7' would be somewhere near the top of that list. However, something has been troubling me about the remake as of late. Rather than being released as one single game, it was revealed that 'Final Fantasy 7' would be an episodic experience. This news nearly broke my heart.

A few days ago, Square Enix shed some more light on the episodic structure of the 'Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Unlike many of the Telltale games that we have seen over the years, the 'Final Fantasy Remake' will be comprised of only three parts. However, each of the three installments of the game will be massive, and players will also be able to carry over their stats and equipment from each "episode."

'Final Fantasy 7' is one of the few games that definitely deserves a full blown HD remake. Thankfully, Square Enix is finally giving the fans what they have been clamoring for. Although it has been nearly two decades since 'Final Fantasy 7' was released, the anticipation for the remake has only increased.

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