Giving the Gift of Casual Gaming

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One of the most interesting statistics about casual gaming was cited by Fortune magazine in late April: Candy Crush, a simple mobile game that involves lining up a series of sweets to continue playing, is closing in on Call of Duty as the most popular digital gaming title in the world.

Hardcore gamers who spend serious dollars on consoles and PC gaming rigs are being outspent by casual gaming fans. According to a report in Fortune magazine, the global video game market in 2016 is expected to be valued at nearly $100 billion, and 27 percent is taken up by casual games.

By 2017, casual games will become a $32 billion industry. It is not surprising to learn that Activision, a brand typically associated with major PC and console video games, paid $6 billion to acquire King Games, developer of Candy Crush.

Casual gaming has truly captured the hearts and thumbs of mobile device owners who enjoy having a bit of fun now and then. One of the most significant factors attracting people to casual games is their low cost and accessibility; browsing the iTunes App Store or the Google Play marketplace is certainly not complicated, and installing a new game does not require a major investment.

Even some hardcore gamers are discovering the joys of spending a few minutes playing mobile titles that require puzzle skills and quick reflexes; something that they enjoy in this regard is the intimacy created by having to take on challenges that are as close as their mobile device.

If you have friends who are into casual gaming, you can be sure that they will certainly appreciate an iTunes or Google Play gift card. Even with a value of just $15, casual gamers will certainly be able to get their fix of fun gaming with a few titles.

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